art blog? what is this? some kind of tumblr social justice bullshit?

requests are open sort of (read the faq for better explanation)

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xevoid asked: urself in mango


htis doesnt look much like me but it turned out so nice

ir0nshark replied to your post: oh man….

fuck. this looks so good. god DAMN it anders this is so good

:^D thank u!

oh man….

*posts my art* *loses followers* what were you expecting when u followed me

me gf.. .


Chapter Summary: Jean gets a new roommate

*small peeping noises*

Anonymous asked: i kinda like those doodles of yourself when theyre really messy but you can vaugley make out the sticky hair and undercut and hoody i like that part of your art a lot.

ah thank u!

my small tiny elf daughter

some draggy age stuff from twitter